Financing – Commercial & Multifamily Loans for
Real Estate Investors

As a part of our continuing effort to provide value for commercial property owners, we provide connections to commercial and multifamily loans for real estate investors nationwide through our affiliated company, CRE Capital & Funding (CRE C&F). Unprecedented access to the capital markets through one portal means more choices, healthy competition between lenders, and ultimately a better loan for YOU.

How does it work?

Dozens of lenders compete for the opportunity to finance your asset. Our platform identifies lenders that are a “match” based on common commercial underwriting variables and YOUR situation. Each property is optimally positioned to source capital and leverage state-of-the-art technology that matches you to the lenders that are the best fit.

YOU choose which lender you want to work with when term sheets are presented.  Similar to what Travelocity* and Orbitz* did to the travel industry, the technology platform offered by CRE C&F allows for unprecedented access to the capital markets thus opening doors for financing that typically would be nearly impossible to uncover without the use of technology.  (Similar to LendingTree* for home loans but better as you have one point of contact throughout the process instead of interacting with several lenders directly.) We value your time and money
*Not affiliated with Travelocity, Orbitz, or Lending Tree. Simply stating examples of similar platforms.

This consultative approach provides maximum reliability to access financing that is structured around the property and YOUR specific circumstances.

Why finance your asset using CRE Capital & Funding (CRE C&F)?

One 15-minute “consultation & needs analysis” with one of our loan officers is equivalent to sitting across the desk of 60+ local & national lenders all at the same time!  We truly give you an unfair advantage because our state-of-art technology matches you within seconds to the best loan programs to meet your needs from lenders that are the ideal fit.  And you only have to communicate with ONE person throughout the entire process!

  • Unprecedented Access to the Capital Markets
  • Most Competitive Pricing and Loan Terms
  • Get “Matched” with the RIGHT Lenders
  • Communicate with ONE Person
  • Loan Tracking and Email Status Updates
  • Faster Closings
  • Outstanding Service and Support
  • Peace of mind and confidence that YOU are receiving the best value

A real game changer in the CRE industry.  Experience the refreshing alternative to traditional commercial lending by applying today.


Close Fast. Save Time. Save Money.

For more information, contact:
(480) 757-9158
[email protected]

For more information, contact:
(480) 757-9158
[email protected]


Thanks for handling the financing of my successful purchase of an industrial building. I have to say that my experience was great, not only in finding the perfect loan product but the process itself was smooth, right down to the close.

Mike McCraren

Refinancing my office building was so simple to accomplish by using the platform. I was easily connected to a local lender who was able to deliver the exact terms quoted me upfront. Utilizing the technology is incredibly easy and user-friendly. My loan closed in less than 45 days and was hassle-free!

C. Sinclair

Having multiple lenders to choose from with various loan options made the process of refinancing my retail space easier than I ever imagined. I was able to choose from dozens of lenders and many more loan programs that best fit my financial goals.

Marino Mancini

Examples of Recent Transactions

Mainstream Office

Naples, FL
4.59% (5 year intermediate adjustable)
10-yr term / 30-yr amortization

Mainstream Office

Panama City, FL
4.20% (5 year intermediate adjustable)
5-yr term / 25-yr amortization

Mainstream Office

Sauk Rapids, MN
3.79% Fixed
10-yr term / 30-yr amort.