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I would need a calculator to add up the number of real estate conferences I have attended in my career, but I have never, ever experienced the level of enthusiasm I’m seeing today at IMN’s sixth annual Single Family Rental Investment Forum in Miami. The atmosphere is absolutely electric. Among the 1,200 or so attendees, I see advisors, lenders, insurance companies, maintenance companies and property management companies.

I see buyers seeking from five to 500 rental houses. There is a palpable energy in the room.

SVN Florida and SVN|SFRhub team members

Left to Right: SVN|SFRhub team members Dale Jensen, Alex Lopez, Bill Radke, Shawn Gharagozlu, Christal James and Jerry Anderson of SVN Florida.

What has been really made clear at this conference … institutional investors and equity money managers have suddenly discovered what SVN was aware of two years ago: This segment of the CRE industry is one that they can easily participate in by investing in larger portfolios of rental homes. Most of them are looking for 250 to 500 houses, which in the past had been impossible to accomplish. SVN | SFRhub is the buzz of the conference because its advisors, and SVN FL advisors, are aggregating portfolios to offer, and have accurate data knowledge and the right technology platform in place.  It makes adding houses as easy as adding items to your cart on Amazon.

Attendees are oohing and ahhing over the technology. They were told that of the 10 most-populated areas in the country, where the rental home markets are enormous, Miami and Tampa/St. Petersburg are at the top of the list. SVN Florida is well-positioned to serve these markets, with more than 120 advisors across the state and many concentrated in these red-hot regions.


SVN FL Single Family Rental Event

Susan West, President of FL East Dist at Fidelity National Title of Florida, joins Jerry Anderson, CCIM, SVN Florida Executive Managing Director, at the SFR Investment Forum in Miami.

SVN Florida has a finger on the pulse in the Sunshine State because of our multiple offices (more than 20). Real estate is local, always has been and always will be, and here is just another example how these characteristics of our company put us well ahead of the rest of the industry.

We are far ahead of the power curve on the SFR market because SVN advisors across the country talk to each other. We have advisors in Pensacola who know what’s happening in Miami or Phoenix, advisors in Daytona who are connected to those in Southwest Florida, etc. It’s all part of the SVN difference of collaboration.

The Miami conference ends at noon tomorrow and I’m looking forward to attending a few more presentations and panel sessions at this terrific event. Get tuned in by simply going to to register. It is free with no obligation.


And if you’re interested in knowing more about this market segment as a seller or a buyer, drop me a line at [email protected] or call 386-547-4968. I think you, too, will share my enthusiasm and of those who attended the Single-Family Rental Investment Forum in Miami.   

By Jerry Anderson, CCIM 

Executive managing director, SVN Florida Commercial Real Estate Advisors

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