Most people travel well-worn, terrestrial paths as they live out their days here – but not everyone. Some would rather spend time on the water or in a marina than at a country club.

That’s where David Kendall comes in.

“Everybody loves marinas,” said Kendall, a CRE professional specializing in the sale, development and acquisition of marine facilities. Kendall has been a senior advisor with SVN Florida in the Jupiter, Fla., office since 2015.

“Marinas are a very fragmented asset class. There’s a significant demand from institutional buyers, but also from buyers who are attracted to the lifestyle, and I’m targeting that group,” Kendall said. “They enjoy the freedom, the sense of community they get from owning a lifestyle property where many folks live and work on their boats.”

Kendall’s focus on the commercial waterfront has established him as a knowledgeable resource for marina owners, operators, institutional buyers, private equity groups and developers. He consults such people on a regular basis.

“I’m always networking within the marina and marine trade industries to keep up with trends and learn new things about the industry,” he said. “I network with boaters, fishermen, yacht dealers and yacht manufacturers, marina and boatyard owners, as well as major players in the marine industry.”

A nationally recognized expert in marinas, Kendall stays in tune with industry trends and developments. He’s a regular attendee at industry shows, such as the Association of Marina Industries annual international conference (IMBC).

The commercial waterfront is both a vocation and avocation for Kendall, who spends a great deal of time away from shore himself. “My love for the industry is more than just professional,” he said. “It’s also personal. I really enjoy all watersports, boating, fishing. These are all things that I’m passionate about and they help keep me engaged in my work.”

One of the recent industry developments has been an effort by retailers to make themselves more available to the marina dwellers. For example, supermarket chain Publix has plans for a dockside store allowing easy access to boaters. Miami-based TransAmerican Development Corp. recently bought a 1.5-acre lot in Hollywood, Fla., where there are plans to build a three-story building with a two-level parking garage to house the grocery store.

“There’s some real innovation out there right now in an effort to serve the marina community,” Kendall said.

Increasingly, these communities enjoy a host of other amenities. Residents in some marinas can access water spigots and electrical hookups. Mail pickup is often available. Some marinas provide such amenities as clubhouses, pools, bathhouses and captains’ lounges.

“People like the camaraderie and the personal freedom of that life,” Kendall said. “With the scarcity of real estate in some large port cities, it’s becoming an option for more and more people to own, live in, and enjoy the waterfront lifestyle.”

David Kendall
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