By Ron Zeigler, senior advisor for SVN Lotus

Here’s what teamwork looks like.

One of the country’s largest owners of apartment properties came to me recently looking for development land in Naples. It’s a hot market and this client wanted a part of it.

Within a day, we’d identified an unlisted property that was just right. The $8.85 million Magnolia Pond land deal closed a short time later, thanks to some close collaboration between advisors at SVN Lotus and SVN KOVA. The property in Naples contains 43.4 acres that will be home to 434 apartment units.

When the buyer first approached me, I quickly involved Bryan Myers, an advisor with SVN KOVA in Fort Myers. Bryan and I are both part of the SVN Land Alliance. It’s a select group of commercial real estate advisors that can provide clients with a single point of contact for acquisition, development and disposition of Florida land assets.

In turn, Bryan enlisted the help of Bryan Flores of SVN KOVA in Naples, the region the buyer was targeting.

Although the Magnolia Pond land was off market, the two KOVA advisors leveraged their relationships and knowledge to pinpoint this property. It turned out to be exactly what the buyer was looking for.

SVN’s culture of collaboration is more than just a lofty ideal: It’s what we actually do. And that means good things, not just for the SVN advisors but for the clients they serve.